Detox Diets

Nowadays, there are more and more junk foods flooding the market. These junk foods are very unhealthy and contain a lot of toxins. Therefore, body detox has become a very important thing to everyone in order to maintain a healthy body. In fact, this process can be done in a natural way. If we have some natural ingredients which are not artificial, we can protect ourselves from the harmful substances which exist in the environment nowadays, like the polluted air.

If you want to have a body detox in a natural manner, there are some steps you can take.

First, you should try to maintain a proper diet. If you are constantly fatigued and are not energetic, you should try to include more proteins in your diet. Of course, you should not try to eat too much artificial food or junk food as they are not really good for you and if you keep on eating them, you would fail to have a successful body detox.

Second, you could try to use natural herbs for removing toxic substances from your organs. For example, you could try to adopt some diet with herbs in order to remove the toxins from your colon. A diet with more fiber is also helpful. If you want to use this method, you should consider starting with herbs like psyllium seed husk, acidophilus culture, betonite clay, Aloe Vera powder, etc. Apart from this, you can use herbs to conduct enema treatments for your liver, which is also an important organ in removing detoxification of your body.

It’s also extremely important to have regular exercise. As many people know, doing exercises can help increase sweating and through sweats, toxic substances are removed from your body easily. Regular exercise can also help increase your metabolism and burn more energy from the food reserve in your body. Thus, it can help you reduce weight too. However, you should also remember that during exercises, toxic substances might be produced from respiration and that you should eat something which has enough vitamin, minerals and antioxidants to remove these toxins.

Besides, you should bath regularly. Bathing can wash away the toxins accumulated on the surface of your skin. Therefore, if you use a skin brush to brush your skin before you bathe, it would be very helpful in removing toxins.

Moreover, you could consider having a massage. It is not a necessary task for your detox program but it could facilitate the effect of the whole program. It is because it can help boost the functions of the organs in your bodies and it can make you feel more relaxed and you would be able to conduct the detox program in a more comfortable manner.

Last but not least, as mentioned above, you should always keep yourself relaxed and you should take more rest. If you are too stressed, toxic substances would automatically be produced inside your body and you would fail to achieve the aim of your program.

If you can conduct the program in a step-by-step manner, you would succeed in purifying your body.

In 1941, Stanley Burroughs invented a very powerful diet. He named it as the Master Cleanse Diet. Some people also regard it as the Maple Syrup Diet or the Lemon Cleanse Diet. In fact, it is much more than a diet. If you follow the steps of this diet, you would be able to detoxify your body and on the other hand, you would be able to repair your ulcers and reduce weight. You would also feel energized after finishing the diet.

With the Master Cleanse Diet, you would be able to remove the toxins from your bodies and you would be able to get rid of alcohol, junk food, tobacco, etc. It is because you would be drinking lemon juice made of limes, fresh lemons, maple syrup, Cayenne pepper and water for at least 10 days. Besides this drink, you would have no more solid food for your intestines. It means that you would not eat or drink anything else. However, you would still have enough nutrients for your daily metabolism as there are vitamin and minerals. In fact, some people could keep this diet for a very long time even up to six weeks.

Actually, during your diet, you would have an herbal laxative tea mixture, a saltwater drink mixture and a lemonade drink mixture. In the mornings, you would drink salt water and during the days, you would have lemonade drinks. In the evening, what you drink would be the herbal tea. Of course, if you want, you could have some herbal tea in the morning.

Now, let us take a look at the ingredients of the tea and see why they are so powerful.

First, it is the maple syrup.

Some maple syrup is artificial as they might contain coloring, sugar, artificial flavoring, etc. Therefore, if you want to get the benefits from the real maple syrup, you should try to buy the grade A all natural real maple syrup approved by the USDA. Of course, organic ones would be better.

You might have several questions regarding the syrup, so let me explain some of them here.

First, you might want to know what nutrients are included in the syrup.

In fact, there are a lot of different great nutrients in maple syrup. For example, there is sodium, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, maple sugar, fibers and trace minerals such as manganese and zinc. All these elements are crucial for a healthy body.

Besides, you might want to know how it stimulates the immune system.

Actually, as mentioned above, maple syrup contains a large amount of zinc and manganese and they are very important for a good immune system. SOD, an antioxidant, consists of a kind of manganese which could be found in the maple syrup and it is an enzyme cofactor for a number of enzymes so it is very important for producing energy in our bodies.

Lastly, you might want to know the difference between grade A and grade B maple syrup.

In fact, according to USDA, maple syrup graded as B would be better for cooking purpose or for producing processed food as it is too sweet for people to eat if they consume the syrup regularly. Besides, USDA would try to grade the syrup according to their colors and viscosity. If the syrup is of lighter color, they would probably be put in grade A since lighter color indicates a lighter taste.

Since it is so difficult to be labeled as grade A maple syrup, they would be very expensive and therefore, you could identify the pure maple syrups easily in market. They are expensive but the nutrition values are worth the price. Also, it would be the only choice for your Master Cleanse Diet since other syrup could not provide the same power.

The kidneys filter blood at a rate of seven liters per hour, thus eliminating, via the urines, useless and other harmful substances. The dandelion facilitates the elimination of toxins by enhancing the function of the liver. You can, of course, consume it through salads. Even so, it is advised by herbalist to prepare it as herb teas, mixed with rosemary and nettle (four pinches of each in one half-litre of water), and drink it in the course of the day. The dandelion also exists in the form of powder and can easily be found in pharmacies. It is alwys good to include dandelions in your body detoxification diet.

Do you feel tired, run out of energy and sometimes finding it difficult to fall asleep? Do you have small, bags under the eyes or cellulite? These are signs that your body is overwhelmed. This is hardly surprising; diets that are too rich, a sedentary lifestyle and air pollution raising steadily, our body will always be subjected to toxic substances.

As pointed out by an expert, “As sophisticated as the liver and lymphatic system can be, they are confronted constantly with an overabundance of toxins which they are often unable to cope.” The solution? Enjoy the spring and pursue a “detoxification cure.” Specifically, it is to rid the blood and lymph of all toxic sediments that were accumulated.

You have a choice between detox diets that will complete in ten days for an express detoxification or gently spread the diet over one month. The detoxification is advocated express if you’ve already practiced a detoxification cure the previous year (a cure per year is ample) or if you have an excellent lifestyle on a daily basis. Anyway, remember that the first few days you may feel a bit funny but do not worry: fatigue, mood swings, headaches and small skin problems are common when you are on this type of diet. They are a sign that toxins are being eliminated. Take notice though, this type of program is targeted at people in good general health. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any doubt about your ability to undertake this type of diet.