Do you feel tired, run out of energy and sometimes finding it difficult to fall asleep? Do you have small, bags under the eyes or cellulite? These are signs that your body is overwhelmed. This is hardly surprising; diets that are too rich, a sedentary lifestyle and air pollution raising steadily, our body will always be subjected to toxic substances.

As pointed out by an expert, “As sophisticated as the liver and lymphatic system can be, they are confronted constantly with an overabundance of toxins which they are often unable to cope.” The solution? Enjoy the spring and pursue a “detoxification cure.” Specifically, it is to rid the blood and lymph of all toxic sediments that were accumulated.

You have a choice between detox diets that will complete in ten days for an express detoxification or gently spread the diet over one month. The detoxification is advocated express if you’ve already practiced a detoxification cure the previous year (a cure per year is ample) or if you have an excellent lifestyle on a daily basis. Anyway, remember that the first few days you may feel a bit funny but do not worry: fatigue, mood swings, headaches and small skin problems are common when you are on this type of diet. They are a sign that toxins are being eliminated. Take notice though, this type of program is targeted at people in good general health. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any doubt about your ability to undertake this type of diet.